Mario Valdes was born in Madrid (Spain) in 1965. Is Doctorate in Medicine and Surgery, and artist.

His professional field is emergency medicine. He was Director of Emergency Services and Rescue of Madrid (SERCAM), Chief Medical Officer of Refugee Camps in the Iraq War, consultant to the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation (AECI), a consultant for UNICEF in CBRN incidents, Director of Health Group Emergency Plans in the Community of Madrid, and Head of the Communications Department of Emergency and Rescue Service of Madrid.

He currently combines his clinical work with the appointment of Development  Director of Company "Area de Intervencion", where he has been responsible for creating the game Emergencia112 and 4 international patents for the invention of a Bodywork  System for Emergency Vehicles (Segment -System). He has also led the development of Intelligent Tools for Managing Emergency Coordination Centres.

As an artist has belonged to Madrid art collectives  ESTEOESTE and PAVA. Also was part of the group of designers STONE DESIGNS from Madrid, currently working with.

His work as a sculptor has two lines of research. On one hand explored the possibilities of objects as referents of reality, decontextualizing contemporary industrial materials and using the figure of the chair as a metaphor for the person. And on the other hand explores the metaphysical dimension of space using mass of matter, crystals and videos, which builds dense or transparent scenery used to project the human existence.




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