In the Dream of Trees

Year: 2023
Solo exhibition.
Artistic installation made with videos, sounds, photographs on glass and organic materials / sculptures.
Place: Royal Botanic Garden. Madrid, Spain

Nature speaks to us, inviting us to reflect on our role in the world and challenging us to take action to protect it. As we walk among the scorched trees, we feel the weight of our responsibility and wonder: What do burnt trees dream of? What are we doing to our world?

The answers to these questions are not simple, but we must seek them if we want to build a greener planet. We must take measures to combat fires and deforestation, and to protect the biodiversity and ecosystems that sustain life on Earth.

In this regard, «In the Dream of Trees» questions us about our role in environmental protection and urges us to envision a future in which nature and humans can coexist harmoniously.

Perhaps, in the realm of «In the Dream of Trees» we can create a temple where our soul and the soul of the world come together to dialogue and jointly build a more sustainable and just future for all.