Year: 2023
Solo exhibition.
Anthological exhibition of glass sculptures by artist Mario Valdés held at the Illustrious Official College of Physicians of Madrid during the months of September and October 2023.

For several years, I have been engaged in a conceptual artistic research using glass and elements from nature as the fundamental materials for my sculptures. Under the concepts of «Fragility and Beauty,» I create series of objects and artistic installations in which I explore the possibilities of these materials to express the vulnerability of our natural environment and the delicacy of our mental health, always understanding Beauty as a tool for connection, knowledge, and healing for our world and ourselves.

Within this project, a series of illuminated objects have emerged, made with flat glass, steel, photographs, and technical materials, under the title «Medusas.» They aim to immerse us in a serene and active contemplation of a fragment of the marine landscape, transporting us to a luminous geometric space of overwhelming beauty.

My goal with this set of pieces is to create Unique Objects in the World that focus on the preservation of nature and the care of our mental health. Because Beauty is not just a source of enjoyment, but also a powerful Healing Tool.