The Secret Forest

Year: 2021-2022
Solo exhibition.
Artistic installation made with photographs on glass and organic materials / sculptures.
Place: Museo de Arte Contemporáneo en Vidrio (MAVA). Madrid, Spain.

«The Secret Forest» is a sculptural installation created by the visual artist Mario Valdés during the year 2021, incorporating photographs with organic materials and using glass as their support.

Its aim is to establish a resonance space between two transcendent elements: the Soul of the World and the Individual Soul. To achieve this, it constructs an aesthetic realm for reflecting on the perception of reality and its relationship with the current climate emergency we are causing.

It was exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Glass Art in Alcorcón (MAVA) from December 14, 2021, to February 28, 2022, in an anthological exhibition curated by Ana Iribas Rudín.