The Lords of Threshold

Year: 2023
Solo exhibition.
Artistic installation made with videos, sounds, photographs on glass and organic materials / sculptures.
Place: CEART Museum. Madrid, Spain.

«The Lords of the Threshold» is a sculptural installation created for CEART that combines photographs on glass with plant materials and is accompanied by a sound installation. Its intention is to establish a resonance between two transcendent elements: the Soul of the World and the Individual Soul. In doing so, it constructs an aesthetic space for reflection on the perception of reality and its relationship with the current climate emergency we are causing.

The purpose of this exhibition is to focus on sustainability, the fight against climate change, and the creation of a greener world. As we walk among the scorched trees, we feel our footsteps on the dry leaves, surrounded by the sound of the wind and birds. We smell the burnt wood and see our faces reflected in mirrors that, in turn, reflect the other charred trunks and reveal the lush fictional vegetation in the photographs on the walls.

We find ourselves in a place where different layers of reality overlap, inviting us to ponder: What are trees; sentient or insentient beings? Do they possess consciousness? What are we doing to our world? How can we combat fires and deforestation? What is our role in building a healthier planet? Can we create a temple where our Soul and that of the World meet for dialogue?