The Secret Forest Is a Place Within the Soul

Year: 2022
Solo exhibition.
Artistic installation crafted from plastic, wood, 1000 liters of water, aquatic plants (water lilies), goldfish (Carassius auratus auratus), audio player, and nature sounds / sculptures.
Place: Museo de Arte Contemporáneo en Vidrio (MAVA). Madrid, Spain.

«The secret forest is a place within the soul» is an art installation purposefully created for MAVA, involving the construction of an artificial reservoir to be installed within the Museum’s Main Exhibition Hall.

The reservoir is crafted from specific plastic sheeting for rafts and a wooden framework. It occupies an area of 20 square meters and has a depth of 50 centimeters, filled with 10.000 liters of water equipped with a purification system.

This reservoir is inhabited by a single fish, a Goldfish (Carassius auratus auratus), and its surface is adorned with aquatic plants (Water Lilies).

The artistic installation is complemented by an audio playback device continuously emitting recordings of forest sounds: bird songs, the rustling of leaves, wind and rain.

The artwork commences with the filling of the reservoir with water, the placement of aquatic vegetation, the introduction of the Goldfish, and the activation of the sound installation. Throughout the exhibition’s duration, the sound emission remains uninterrupted, and the fish must be fed and the water regularly maintained. The installation’s duration has been 50 days.